Remembering The Reason For The Season

With the commercial nature of Christmas today, it is easy to get wrapped up in gift buying, travel preparations and Christmas party planning. Take a step back for a moment and remember some of the reasons behind this favorite season.

1. Christmas is not about selfishness, shopping, and material items. Even if you’re not religious, you will agree that the season is really meant to be one about love, sharing, and celebrating. Keep these principles in your mind at all times and you can be sure that Christmas will be much more enjoyable.

2. Do some volunteer work. It could be at a local orphanage, soup kitchen, or animal shelter. The important thing is for you to give your time and energy to people who really need a hand. Helping out shows you that the season really should be more about shopping and partying.

3. You can also take your kids on one of your volunteering sessions. It’s a good way for you to help them open their eyes to the world and its needs, and for them to realize that there are things they can do to help other people out. This also shows them that there’s more to life than getting the latest toys, clothes, and video games.

4. Make it a point to do a good deed every day this Christmas season. It doesn’t have to be anything major. You could just do simple things like helping someone with his or her bags, opening the door for someone, being polite and calm even when faced with a rude person–they’re simple, but positive gestures don’t need to be big.

5. Instead of giving gifts, send donations to charitable organizations or important causes in behalf of other people; just make sure that they really do support that particular group or cause. Christmas season is the perfect time to spread some goodwill and show support, and you would have directed your money towards something useful than a gift that the recipient might not like.

6. As activity-filled as the season seems to be, the best thing you can really do is to slow down and just savor the atmosphere and the mood. Don’t forget to give your family and loved ones one of the best gifts you can offer them: time. Christmas is a time for sharing and love, as well as for spending time with people you care about. So don’t let all the stress and pressure get in the way of your enjoyment.

Keep these points in mind this Christmas and you can’t go far wrong. Happy Christmas everyone!