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Colin Southwell, CEO of TSG Products Inc.

Colin Southwell, the entrepreneurial force behind TSG Products Inc., brings over two decades of experience in the personalized gift industry, particularly in custom printed jigsaw puzzles, to the world of digital publishing. His journey, marked by a rich tapestry of global travel experiences, has provided him with a unique perspective on cultural traditions, especially those surrounding Christmas.

With a deep-seated passion for history and a keen interest in how historical events shape our world, Colin has woven his professional insights and personal experiences into the fabric of This website, launched in 2019, is a testament to his commitment to exploring and sharing the diverse and rich traditions of Christmas around the globe. It serves as a comprehensive resource, shedding light on the myths, customs, and historical evolution of this cherished holiday.

Under Colin’s visionary leadership, TSG Products Inc. has embarked on a strategic journey to expand The goal is to illuminate how Christmas is celebrated in various cultures, offering insights into their traditions and customs. This initiative not only enhances the understanding of Christmas but also aids travelers in appreciating and engaging with the festive traditions and cultures of the countries they visit.

In an effort to ensure the accuracy and editorial integrity of the content, Colin has employed AI tools to assist in the research and development of the site’s material. This approach has allowed for a broad and diverse range of information, which is meticulously reviewed and verified before publication. The result is a rich and authentic resource that illuminates the customs, myths, and historical evolution of Christmas.